Transmedia Game / ARG (2014)


My Roles

Game Design, Stage Design, Script Writing


What was S.E.E.D?

S.E.E.D. was an Alternate Reality Game  designed to guide  Southside Chicago highschoolers through a  STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) curriculum. The three-week-long  game, designed to engage with  70 Chicago Southside youth, was created by the Game Changer Chicago Design Lab at the University of Chicago in 2014. S.E.E.D.  featured a science fiction story and encouraged teamwork to solve puzzles across a variety of digital and analogue media which included social networks, a mobile AR puzzle game called Power Spots, and a variety of board games. 


S.E.E.D was covered in Fast Company magazine  and  Hyde Park Herald.
I wrote about the development of S.E.E.D. here and here.


The Narrative

S.E.E.D was a sci-fi transmedia narrative told through locative media, audio and video, email, computer games, social media, live-action guerilla- and improv-style performance and text messages. The Temporal Archivists, a group of science-historians that catalog transmissions and artifacts from the future, receive a message through S.E.E.D technology alerting them that a cataclysmic event will take place in the near future. A group of Chicago-youth determined to be capable of either destroying or saving the world is put together to solve puzzles and make use of S.E.E.D, technology to save the world.