The Black Box

Digital Game (2014-2015)


My Roles

Design Lead, Coding, Sound Design, Digital Art, Writing


The Black Box is an action-puzzle/RPG in the tradition of Bookworm Adventures and Gyromancer. It teaches and reinforces the fundamentals AP Biology principles through combat systems that play on the ability of games to incidentally teach vast amounts of knowledge to players.

A dimensional rift exposes an alternate reality wherein Dark Elves have ravaged their own world's life forms. The Dark Elves, desperate to replenish their world, intend on invading Chicago for its life forms. An overworld map and dialogue-driven narrative reminiscent of Final Fantasy engages players in a shadow world in which real-world concerns are mirrored and twisted. Players fight the Otherworld for control, utilizing biological principles in order to craft attacks. This conflict is resolved through a number of minigames, each of which applies to a biology lesson.

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